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What I miss about Scotland and the UK

Because of health reasons, I had to return to Luxembourg to recover and make a fresh start. The longer I stay, the more I want to travel and explore other countries. We always think that your country of birth is the country where you belong. I don't believe it's necessarily true. It's amazing to see your country with different eyes as well. Unfortunately, the last months I experienced the negative side more and started to appreciate the UK, my second home.

Brexit gave the UK a bad reputation concerning politics and how certain things have been dealt with. I agree, Luxembourg's political situation is less chaotic and they master the art of prevention here.

But, I feel that Luxembourg and other countries from EU can learn from the UK as well, which are the following things:

-appointments with the GP and specialists are free of charge

-prescription drugs are free of charge

-forerunner when it comes to mental health, not only are people more accepting and tolerant towards mental health, but people who run and work for businesses are given mental health training and academics at universities are being given special training

-people don't pretend to be open-minded, but they are open-minded

-acts of kindness rules

-they genuinely ask and care about you

-groceries are much cheaper and affordable

-the water (in Scotland) is one of the best potable water in the world

-their sense of humour in everyday life

-their eagerness to open a debate and question the system

-how universities encourage their students to think critically and initiate discussions (Thank you, University of Aberdeen...)

- pubs are cozy and nice places to gather (if you leave out the drinking culture;-)

-the nature is greener than in the rest of Europe ( I don't why, is it maybe because it rains so much in Scotland, specifically?)

I have my family and some good friends in Luxembourg. But I guess it's my 9th house stellium that makes it difficult to stay for a longer period of time in your country of birth. I also see it as a learning experience and my Saturn's Return wanted to teach me something useful in life: Always remember where you come from because it made you who you are in the end. Flashbacks from high school appeared sometimes out of nowhere. I was maybe cooking or walking towards a street, then a memory emerged when I was fifteen. Then, I remember, I was reading that book back then, but didn't enjoy it. The classmate sitting behind me was being mean. Another day, I was leaving my belly-dancing class and I opened a magazine: a girl who used to be friends with me is being featured in one of the articles . We did things together, but slowly our friendship faded away, possibly because I wasn't cool enough for her. I have a thing for faces and names. If I get to know you, my brain will never let go of you.

That goes the same for Scotland. I will never let go of you.



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