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Walk in beauty - A manifesto on womanhood

Natascha, wear a dress! Put that skirt on! Trust me, it worked...

I decided in May to wear a dress and appeared at work with my evening gown. Several months later, I still couldn't really explain to strangers why I did it. Until a woman at a women's circle shared with me that the shamans emphasised on the beauty of women as urgency because it is so important that women have to look after themselves, be presentable and show their beauty. The moment she said these words, it clicked. My decision made sense and it was another proof tat I did certain things unconsciously and I am also a way ahead of other people on this planet....

Now many of you might just turn your eyes and don't see the link between beauty and the special circumstances we're facing right now. The thing is ladies, you're a woman. Being a woman makes you special and let's face it, we're different than men. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. It is a blessing, actually. I ask you to hold on here, right now.

Thanks to my mother, I never felt really disadvantaged for being a woman. She believed in me and my sister a lot since we were children. She encouraged our feminine qualities and helped us to fulfil our creative potential. Basically, when my sister and I were not studying for school or spending time with our loved ones, we were always creative and enjoyed being children.

I am very grateful for that. On the other hand, because my sister and I were more sensitive and tender than our classmates, we had to face a lot of bullying.

Our feminine qualities as women are the qualities that bring out our true beauty. True beauty comes within. There is nothing wrong about being sensitive, caring, soft, tender and emotional. A society that expects women to behave like men in order to attain goals and get on with life is wrong. We should celebrate the fact our differences and diversity. Because in the end, we balance these energies out.

Why should I look after myself and for god's sake should I wear that sweet, black dress for work or at home? I don't have a reason to go out. What is the point? The idea is not to catch the attention of other people through your looks, but to stand in your ground like a tree and according to Lord Byron walk in beauty....

Beauty is power. It transforms things, it creates connections and in the end hope. By showing our beauty, we say no to the adversities and celebrate womanhood and that my dear is where our true power lies....;-)

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