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The art of sacred self-care: Why women have to learn to relax

As a spiritual woman who loves to indulge in her spiritual activities and make time for her rituals, I am still mastering the art of meditation and letting go. Guess what is my most biggest challenge in life? To relax and switch off...Some of you might be wondering: But you're spritual, you meditate and lead women's circles? Why is relaxing so hard for you?

I have a confession to make: sitting down on the sofa and watching a movie is an eternal battle for me. Unless I go to the cinema or watch it with my loved ones, I'd rather be working on something or listen to msuic and dance around. You would also find me running around the city more than cuddling up in bed with my favourite TV show. The problem is that when I sit down, I am telling myself: Natascha, you've got better things to do than just watch that god damn TV show. I even have developed the habit to not even finish a movie or a series which I started watching long time ago.

In the last seven months, I did what I guess most people do when they come home after work and it was a nci experiment: do nothing. I learned a lot during the last seven months but I'm not at my best when I stay at home and watch TV, occcasionally studying part-time. I get quite stagnant and I'm also a Vata-Woman. I need to move my body around. If I don't dance and express myself, I am the most unbearable human being on earth. For some people, my lifestyle is too much and stressful. I also understand that everyone is different, but I've learnt that it isn't for ,e and it doesn't make me truly happy.

So you have to find other ways to relax. You should also learn to do nothing: no reading, no watching TV, not even meditating, in simple words: just to be. If you let go of expectations, your to-do-list, your need to keep yourself busy, your need for validation and just be in the moment, here and now. That's where the magic happens.

For a woman, that delicious state to be in the moment that means to be nothing and to not think is so vital. You will feel more alive and more connected to the world around you. When you let go of trying to be and just be, life will flow through you. Some call it, prana, god, chi or life-force, there is certain lightness and things will come easier to you.

So be in the moment because that it will never come again makes life so sweet.

Cheers to Emily Dickinson...

Have a fabulous Friday, my pretty women out there...:-)

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