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The state of happiness

What does happiness mean to you? Can you be happy? According to Oxford Dictionary Online happiness is 'The state of pleasurable contentment of mind; deep pleasure in or contentment with one's circumstances'.

We see 'contentment' and 'deep pleasure' here, which is interesting and I think it also brings us closer to the definition of happiness. Happiness can mean so many things, but we can all agree on the description of this state. A person who experienced happiness knows deep down what makes him or her happy. But is this state of pleasurable contentment of minds that many people find difficult to experience nowadays. So what can we do to feel and welcome more happiness into our lives? These are my top ten tips:

1 .Ask yourself. What makes me happy? It is a simple question, but many people find it very hard to answer it. What I find really helpful is to remember what you loved doing as a child? Was there something you could do for hours? Also try to remember a period in your life where you felt truly happy? What did you do and what made you happy?

2. Be in the moment. For people who tend to worry too much or have difficulties to let go of the past, this can very tricky. No matter how hard you try, you will always find a reason to get stucked in the past or future. There are various exercises out there which will help you to be in the present and most of them are related to mindfulness. Focus on your breath, check in with your body and take a moment to look at something beautiful such as a flower. Observe the flower and imagine as if this is the last time you will see the flower. This exercise will help you to appreciate life more and remind you that you have only this lifetime. Because you will never know when it ends...

3. Be grateful . Gratitude's is a complaint's worst enemy. Everytime you catch yourself complaining, stand still and think about five things you're grateful for right now. It's a wonderful practice and the more you practice, the more easier it becomes to stay in a state of gratitude .I guarantee that you will feel the effects after one week.

4.Think about others. Sometimes we think so much about ourselves and the things we do wrong. We forget that people are struggling and are less fortunate . Having compassion for other people makes you a better and in the long run a happier person. Try to find ways how to brighten up someone's day. That can be a nice compliment, a little gift or a tiny gesture. It should also come from the heart.

5. Laugh....Humour is powerful. We take ourselves so seriously sometimes and forget that we are nothing and yet everything at the same time. We will not matter to many people, but for some we mean everything to them. Having a different perspective helps us to destress and we feel lighter at the end of the day. Do you notice something when you smile even though you're not in the right mood? That's why a baby's laugh is so is heart-warming....

6. Share things with people. If something is troubling you, call a friend and ask for help. Maybe you've experienced something and it has to get out. Maybe it's something you could post on your social media channel. Besides, you never know how that comment, picture, video or link can inspire someone and help them to get through something.

7. Live healthy...Human beings need food. Food that nourishes us is great for our wellbeing. The key thing is balance. If you feel you want to have that delicious eclair from your patisserie, go for it!

8. Exercise....

9. Watch an inspiring movie. We live in 2021. So make use of that invention. I 'm going to come up with an article on that.

10. Love yourself. Self-love seems to become a trend and there are events, festivals and courses you can attend that teach you love yourself more. However, I will make it easier for you here. Oscar Wilde once said 'To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance....' Got it?:-)

I'm looking forward to your comments and experiences...




"happiness, n." OED Online, Oxford University Press, December 2020, Accessed 28 February 2021.


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