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Do you remember? It was September.... :-)

Dear readers,

today we're going to talk about fairytales. What is your favourite fairytale? I know that for some of you it might be very difficult to remember which your favourite fairytale was as a child. Here's a little hint: Go back to your childhood and try to remember who you were as a child and what you enjoyed reading and doing when you were little. Now try to remember a story you particularly loved. Maybe it was a story that your parents, your teachers and friends used to read and share with you. It could be a book, a myth, a legend or even a fairytale. To me it's a very difficult question, but the first time I was approached to the world of fairytales was through a cassette. My mother went with me and my sister to Quick and back then in the mid-90s it was very common to get a cool gift from McDonald's or Quick at Place d'Armes in Luxembourg City. If you order a children's meal, you would get a toy. We received an audio cassette with multiple fairytales. When my mother, my sister and I went home, we sat around the dining room and listend to Perrault. It was the first time I was introduced to the 'Three Little Pigs' and 'Beauty and The Beast'. I was very fond of Beauty and The Beast and I was particularly intrigued by the British narrator who shared the story with us. It sounded as if we were listening to an aristocrat sharing stories with his guests around the fire. My mother introduced us later on to Disney and I fell in love with the characters of that strange, magical, yet fascinating world of Walt Disney. It was as if I was under a spell and I watched animated Disney movies until I was twelve. So were you able to remember your favourite fairytale? ;-)

Have a beautiful evening!

Yours truly and sincerely,

Natascha Ewert

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