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See life as a gift: The struggles of waking up in the morning

Waking up is a burden

Waking up in the morning was never really easy for me. Because of my medication I still feel very exhausted when the alarm clock goes off. At the same time, it's not healthy for me either to stay in bed for a very long time. I tend to get depressed and it's the great recipe for disaster. Especially during these strange times, we are able to work from home and even have more freedom in terms of structuring your day and setting priorities.

But why did getting up this morning made me happier today? It's 3:15 pm right now and I'm asking these questions, while writing my thoughts down. Is there something magical about leaving your bed earlier than later?

When I was in Vienna for my exchange year, I was friends with a Buddhist. She was a Piscean and I really enjoyed spending time with her. I think I really liked her as a friend because she was the only person in Vienna I could talk about spirituality and my perception on the world. She understood me. I remember that she once said that when you wake up in the morning and you go back to bed, you're actually saying goodbye to a beautiful, joyful day. By returning back to bed, you say no to the wonders of the universe. You are setting the tone of the day. I didn't embrace my mornings in Vienna so much. Although, I had a great time in Vienna and still miss these crazy days where I would wander around the beautiful charming streets, devour cultural events such as theatre evenings like a little hedonist, attending each course I found interesting, I didn't make the most out of them in the morning. I would just leave my bed if I had to attend uni in the morning or my ballet classes and that was it. I would still be sleeping until 1 pm on a shiny Saturday afternoon.

A night owl, always a night owl?

The other aspect is that I'm a night owl. I love staying up late and I developed this strange routine in my life to go to bed at 2 am. The good thing is that I go to bed earlier now. Since December, I'm usually asleep by 12 am.

So why was I happier and felt more fulfilled this morning? I also danced around and did some yoga as well. Maybe it's the exercise that improved my mood and gave me some energy. Or maybe I'm meant to wake up earlier in the morning and I'm just depriving myself by staying in bed.

The funny thing is I know that I'm happier when I wake up earlier and leave my bed immediately. So I guessed my friend was right. The last nine years I felt miserable when I stayed in bed longer. I'm the happiest when I go to bed before eleven pm and wake up at 6 am in the morning. In 2018, I did a little experiment and it was amazing. There was a period between October and November where I would wake up at 4 am in the morning, do my meditation, chant, journal and read my favourite book. My day would practically start at 9 am and I loved it very much. I was in constant bliss.

Routine vs. Ritual

Many people who suffer from depression have difficulties to get up in the morning. The only way to overcome your fears is to leave your bed and embrace your life. I think what helps is to see your morning routine as a ritual. If we allow ourselves to accept life as a gift and appreciate it more, we will feel happier and optimistic. There's nothing more beautiful than meeting a stranger who is full of life and seizes the day. Carpe Diem!

Happy Friday,



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