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10 lessons I learned from The Muse

A week ago, I saw a movie called The Muse. Sharon Stone and Andie MacDowell starred in the movie. It is one of these movies which leaves you inspired at the end of the day. It didn't leave me inspired, it helped me even to enjoy life more and reminded me of the things I haven't done for a long time such as eating a cookie. I'm not going to give you a summary because this movie is simply brilliant in every way. Sharon Stone plays a muse and helps script writer Steven Phillips to get back on track with his ideas for screenplays. However, Sarah seems to inspire everyone around her including his wife, which doesn't make him happy either.

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1. Set high standards: Sarah, the muse chooses in the movie which people she wants to help and although she seems to be very popular and is showered with gifts by her numerous admirers, she doesn't accept every offer. She decides in the end who really needs her help and is worthy of her time and energy.

2. Be the queen: There is something majestical about Sarah when she walks and moves around. Her long robes enhance that aura which she emits when she is among people. She exudes self-confidence, poise and elegance.

3. You're never too old to follow your dreams: There is a scene where Steven's wife Laura is having lunch with Sarah at a restaurant. She confides in her that she's really good at making cookies. Sarah encourages her to bake these cookies and give it a go. Eventually, they become a success at a party and she finds a place in town to open a shop to sell her cookies.

4. Engage with others: Sarah seems to know everyone and knows how to approach others. We don't learn so much about Sarah till the very end, but she remembers what people tell her and she seems more interested in others than herself because she knows that the more open she is, the more she can help them to flourish as a human being, which is a wonderful quality.

5. Be a little mysterious: In the movie, we basically don't know who Sarah actually is. Is she a muse or does she pretend to be one? Because it doesn't matter in the end. Sarah doesn't see the need to always explain the way she does things and justify her actions, she simply does it and for the right reasons. She doesn't reveal her abilities either, but it seems to work.

6. Spoil yourself and have fun: When Sarah asks Steven to go to the Aquarium at Longbeach , she is listening and dancing around to 'Superfreak' by Rick James. In Longbeach, she falls in love with the fishes, marine mammals and sea life. She's behaving as if she sees those animals for the fist time in her life and reminds us of a little girl in life. Eventually, she teaches Steven to admire the beauty of creation around us and see everything with new eyes. She turns each precious moment into an experience.

7. Be kind to strangers and children: There is this adorable scene where Sarah checks the homework of Steven's kids and they immediately call her auntie Sarah. She gets on well with kids and strangers and is super charming with them.

8. Fake it till you make it: I believe that is where Sarah's magic lies. She doesn't ask for permission, she simply does it.

9. Be happy for others: Steven is not very pleased when he sees how his wife's business is rolling. He panics and thinks it's a bad idea that he hired a muse. But his wife has seized the opportunity and suggests that if the business goes well, she is able to support their family, while he's working on his script.

10. Be yourself: That's the core message of this movie. Sarah simply owns it. She doesn't seek for approval from others and she enjoys life so much which is contagious. That's also how she is able to inspire others by being in the moment. When she calls Steven for a 'Waldorf salat' at 10 pm, she insists on having one. If you call your best friend at 10 pm for a 'Waldorf salad', they might think you're a bit delusional. But this scene shows that if your heart tells you to buy that sweet, black dress you found at that store, then go for it.....

Sceptics might say that Sarah actually doesn't do anything. Is there a scene where she actually is getting her hands dirty? No. She doesn't give any orders and yes, she has her own chauffeur and portier as well. I was brought up in a country that defined you by your academic performance, social status and your income. So of course, being wasn't enough and that's the core message of this movie: You're not defined by what you do, but by who you are. Sarah is in a state of bliss and pleasure. She takes time, relaxes, reads and helps people. But in order to be a muse and inspire others, she has to be in that beautiful state...:-)

Be the muse....

With love,



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