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Naming the monster: Why I stopped using the C-word

'So you're not taking it seriously?', a student asked me. 'No, on the contrary I take it very seriously, but I prefer naming it 'Voldemort'. The student was still frowning his eyebrows.

'Whatever?!', I was thinking. You can't always convince people, I said to myself. If an eleven-year-old student doesn't understand my decision to not call the pandemic by the name, I shouldn't be surprised when your optician doesn't know who Voldemort is.

I was done with explaining and pleasing people. I was done with conforming to the norm. I was done with living a life full of fear and uncertainties. My father said a couple of weeks ago that there is a life outside of Voldemort. He's right. I agree. Using 'Voldemort' as an excuse to not work on your dreams and amibitions will just leave you more frustrated and unhappy. I had to learn it the hard way again. It's not easy, but it's worth it. I think I still can't accept the state of our world and that I wished that everything could return back to normal, which never will, I believe. So by creating my own bubble as a form of escape I allow myself to enter different worlds and realms. I always saw my inner world as form of refuge. A place, where I can be myself and get in touch with my emotions and feelings.

Call the pandemic 'Voldemort' helps me to remind that I have a life and that I'm the main protagonist in this movie. Call me naive or old-fashioned, but I stopped consuming the news a long time ago. How are you keeping up with the state of the world? Don't you want to be informed what's going on? What do you think you're doing? These questions don't matter to me and I want to be honest you. Before calling me a self-consumed, superficial hippie, I invite you to think about your own happiness for a minute. Because that's all I want in my life: to be happy and feel loved. That's all I want. Checking the updates is just giving me a headache. Using the C-word doesn't help me either as I will just let the pandemic determine all my actions and decisions in life. I'm not productive when I think about the pandemic constantly. Because let's all be honest: It's depressing. It just eats your soul and life force. You could use that energy easily for your projects and dreams. Many masterpieces were created during a difficult, challenging period and that's how I see Voldemort, a test from God.

We still have the freedom to decide what is going to come first in our lives right now and for me that's love, happiness and joy.

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