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Discover your truth: The Akashic Records

Humble beginnings

The first time I learned about the Akashic records was more than three years ago. I was a student at the University of Aberdeen and I decided to attend the Holistic Ways festival at Elphinstone Hall. There was a woman having a stall who said that she could access your akashic records if you sit down with her. I took her flyer but never contacted her. Two years later I buy a book on Akashic records by Hay House but never really started reading it than a month ago in December. I have to say I'm still impressed by Sandra Anne Taylor. Her book The Akashic Records: Unlock the Infinite Power, Wisdom and Energy of the Universe published by the Made Easy series from Hay House enabled me

to draw connections between my life experiences, education and my interests.

What is Akashic?

The term akashic comes from Sanskrit akasa which means sky or ethers. Basically, when you connect with the Akashic Records, you are accessing a higher consciousness with a wealth of information you can ever possible dream for. It is so vast and infinite which makes it impossible to access that knowledge in a single lifetime. Many people would describe it as a library where you can walk in and find the right book for your questions, which isn't necessarily correct as it is more than a library. When a person connects with the akashic records, that person is connecting with their higher self. It is a deep knowing of things. You allow yourself to connect with the strongest form of yourself, which is your true, authentic you.

Getting access

There are several techniques in the book that will help you to get into that state. One of the most helpful exercises are where you investigate the things that you enjoy. You make a list of interests, hobbies, talents and activities you resonate with. By writing that list down, it will give you cues about your past lives. Do you show a deep interest for a specific culture or a period from history? If you feel very drawn to a particular period that suggests that you might have lived in that country. You learn so much more about yourself and the more you know about yourself, the more it becomes easier to understand your fears, your traumas, your experiences and even your allergies. You will able to find the right job for you, discover which kind of people you need in life and why you should probably exercise more.

Another thing about having this knowledge is that you are able to decide who you want to be in life because it helps you make better decisions when it comes to your daily actions and how it is going affect your loved ones. Your perspective on how to treat your contemporaries will change because you become aware of how much choice you have with your thoughts actions.

A story about the Akashic Records

I think the most fascinating reference from the book is Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which is in the end a story about Akashic Records. Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy, greedy mean old man despised by his contemporaries is given a chance to change his future on Christmas Eve.

The three ghosts appear in his bedroom showing him the past, the present and the future. The readers learn more about Ebenezer Scrooge as the three ghosts try to remind him who he was, who he is right now and who he will be in the near future.

I loved Charles Dicken's story so much as a child and also was a huge fan of The Muppets movie version starring Michael Caine as Mr Scrooge. I loved that three ghosts appear and that we begin to understand this character and even can empathise with him in the end.

But why is it a story about Akashic Records? The three ghosts represent his memory, the spirit of Christmas and his deep fears. They allow him to contemplate his own life and whether he wants to continue being the grumpy, ungrateful banker that many people despise or change to become a better person. Eventually, he decides to change as he recognises that he wants to be loved and that people should remember him for his good deeds.

Mr Scrooge awakens

That visit seems to have awakened Mr Scrooge and feels like a wakeup call suggesting that one has this life and one should make the most out of it. I think that accessing your Akashic Records helps people to live the life of their dreams because they're more in tune with their higher and authentic self. They realise that they have so much control and power over their emotions and reactions, which makes them better people and that's what happened to Mr. Scrroge. He doesn't want to die in oblivion and recognises his own faults. Therefore, he realises that he can change his behaviour and mindset by being kind and generous to his family members, employees, neighbours and a strangers.


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