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Welcome to the Goddess Channel

Dear beautiful souls out there,

we are so happy to launch The Goddess Channel today on a Wednesday evening. The reason to create an online magazine for women came up in 2016. But in the last four years, as the editor in chief, I had to go on a quest to find myself again. I became interested in yoga, meditation, traveled, took part in some retreats, found my back way to my childhood interest, which is astrology and finished university last year.

Back then, I was looking for an online magazine that focused on the themes I've mentioned and that also helps to empower women in a way through spirituality. We connect millennial women from various cultures, backgrounds and life experiences and meet right here by sharing our knowledge, wisdom and passion.

The Goddess Channel is here, finally! I hope you enjoy our wide range of articles, join our forums and that it leaves you inspired. Saying yes to life, to the universe and to yourself!

May the goddess be with you!

Lots of love,

Natascha Ewert


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