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The Moon is my best friend: How to synch with the moon

  1. Go outside on a Full Moon and stare at the moon for twenty minutes. Imagine you're bathing under the full moon light and feel the serene, calming energy of the moon.

  2. Spend more time in nature. Go to the forest more often and take a stroll around the park instead of having lunch at your office.

  3. Avoid using technology in the evening. Read books or magazines instead. The blue light of computer and mobile phones can disrupt the natural rhythm of your cycle.

  4. Eat 'moon food' more. You should eat or drink products that increase moon energy qualities in women: milk, ghee, cottage cheese, vanilla, parsley, peaches, abricots, dates, mandarin, bananas, tea with rose petals.

  5. Relax and avoid stress if you can. Try to do strenuous activities when you're not menstruating.

Happy Moonology!

With love,


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