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The effects of cleansing your body and soul - Memories of a Mimosa Part 1

Last Friday, the New Moon was in Cancer and I consider myself as very lucky as my menstrual cycle synchs with the phases of the moon. The last four months, I tend to menstruate on a New Moon and it didn't used to be that way. I was more used to bleed on a Full Moon, nonetheless my cycle is very regular and there are many benefits when you have a regular cycle...:-)

The New Moon is a great time to start new projects, make intentions and for me that even means shedding old parts of myself. I tried out something interesting last month after the Full Moon and Summer Solstice and I would call it my 'period of cleansing'. I gave up on my desires and needs, meditated nearly every morning, decluttered my space, cleaned, consumed less social media and just focused on the things that were necessary and activities that were beneficial for my mind and body: finishing my essay, writing my fairytale, house chores, yoga, dancing and relaxing in the evening. Although I focused more on myself, I thought more about other people. When I went to the supermarket or gift store, I thought of my loved ones and how I can surprise them with a gift or nice gesture.

I was in a constant state of bliss for two weeks. When I wrote, it just flowed. I felt like a channel for everything when I was sitting in front of the computer typing my ideas down. My workspace was flooded with books and artworks. It reminded me of my student days at the University of Aberdeen where you would usually see me sitting in front of my laptop surrounded by books and more books. I often took a table for four so that I can put my million books down for my research. (I apologize for the groups of people that got annoyed at me because I occupied that space just for myself :-) ) For two weeks, everything was so vivid and more beautiful. I couldn't stop admiring nature and was just stunned by the flowers I saw on my way home and back. Yet at the same time everything was so intense. I just could see everything and I could smell everything... I felt connected to everything and to everyone. It was also so easy to let go. My thoughts came and go. I was surprised by my high levels of concentration. When I was working on my fairytale, I was able to sit down and accomplish a lot within two hours. However, going out and seeing people wasn't that easy. The only way to deal with that sensory overload was to take a break and recharge...

After these two weeks I didn't fall into a deep phase of depression, but I was close to tears every day...Now I think I am bit more balanced. My moods aren't that elevated and so low.

This is my personal experience. The last time I was in that kind of state was in November. During that period, my sense of smell and noise were quite heightened. For example, I recall one evening where I was standing next to a couple. The woman was eating a salami sandwich. I was probaby three meters away from here, but I could literally smell and taste the meat. It was so penetrating. I remember that I was meditating every day in the morning as well. I had to stop meditating for a short period of time because my senses were so heightened and I had to ground myself.

For someone who is naturally connected to the ethereal world, it is absolutely necessary to ground yourself. I am by nature a spiritual person and one of the dangers are that you lose touch with reality and tend to float in realms. You become a channel for everything even energies that are harmful for you because you're so highly attuned. What I've learned from this experience is that we're all individuals.

If a guru recommends to meditate every day for thirty minutes it can be dangerous for another person. Some people do well with a vegetarian diet, others don't. Because I'm Half-Asian, for me it's even more important to eat fish than my Luxembourgish friends. Cleansing is a great way to abstain from certain things which means food, alcohol, sex, bad habits, activities and learn to get know yourself better. You learn what nourishes your mind, body and soul. You discover what you really need in life. But after some time it's good to return to planet earth and remind yourself that we're all humans. I guess that's one of the reasons why I admire Earth signs a lot. Friends who have a lot of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in their chart ground me on many levels and teach me that there is nothing wrong to indulge in your senses and just to be here and now...



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