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Memories of a Mimosa: The day I discovered about HSP

It must have happened in 2016 when I came across the term HSP. which is a highly-sensitive person. I was in Vienna doing my Erasmus+ exchange and was loaded with so much work for uni. Even though I had a great time in Vienna, it was so stressful because of uni and my other commitments back then. I remember that I stumbled upon the video of Elena Herdieckerhoff. who held a TedTalk on highly sensitive people. Finally someone who understood me. But I didn't continue doing more research on that. I remember that I just told one of my professors that I belong to 20% of people in the population with my abilties. She was very happy to hear that and said that she was lucky to find someone like me among her students.

Then four years later, this time in Freiburg. Natascha goes to the Thalia bookstore on the Kaiser Joseph street. She goes as usual to the self-help section. She discovers a book written by Sylvia Harke Wenn Frauen zuviel spüren: Schutz und Stärkung für Hochsensible.

It takes her about three weeks to finally open the book and give it a go. She never regrets it since then because it helped her to go on a life-changing discovery. I just loved the book so much that I decided to do more research on HSP. It helped me to understand myself and my rich inner life.

So these are the signs where I see myself as a highly sensitive person and maybe some of them also resonate with you.

People shake their heads when I tell them that after work or even during lunch I don't want to see anyone. I'd rather prefer spending time on my own and I was always exhausted after school and work. I just want to relax and take a long nap.

I hate multitasking and I just want to do one thing at a time. I get quickly overwhelmed if people dump more stuff on me and I have to take on more responsibility.

I can sense different energies when I enter a room and if I want to I can even manipulate my contemporaries by making them laugh and feel good about themselves.

Many people drain me and sometimes the only way to recharge is to go out, connect with nature and meditate for a while so that I can find my inner peace again.

I'm a little daydreamer and I lived in a bubble since I'm a little girl.

I don't watch the news and avoid consuming them as far as I can.

I'm very sensitive to violent and sexual scenes in a movie. For example, I had to leave the cinema after watching The Hustlers for forty minutes. I just couldn't take it anymore because of its pervasive sexual content.

I could listen to music all night long if I want to. I just love it so much and it helps me to get in touch with my inner life more which is deep, beautiful and amazing.

Meaningful relationships have a high priority in my life. I want to connect with people on a deep level and hate smalltalk so much.

I get sometimes very anxious in social situations especially if I don't know many people. I'd rather leave the room and hide myself than engaging in a conversation with a bunch of strangers or joining a group of people.

I love beauty so much. I love listening to music that express my feelings. I love movies that move me and I love art that inspires me. I find flowers and trees are amazing creatures. Sometimes the best breaks I had was when I found some time to go to a market and admire the exquisite creations of the stalls. Reading poetry is like eating chocolate. I also have a hard time ignoring people who are beautiful inside and out.

I have to take regular breaks and also express my boundaries to many people.

I appreciate silence and want to invite more calmness into my life.

I cried a lot as a child and teenager finding it very hard to accept painful comments or hurtful behaviour. And I still do.

I have a great sense of justice and honesty is very dear to me.

I love being creative and letting my inner artist out by creating jewellery, writing, painting, acting, choosing my wardrobe and decorating a room.

and so much more....

Can you recognise yourself?

I would recommend to read these books:

Elaine Aaron, The Highly Sensitive Person.

Sylvia Harke, Wenn Frauen zuviel spüren.Schutz und Stärkung für Hochsensible.

Saverio Tomasella ;Cédric Vitaly, L'hypersensibilté pour les nuls.

Elena Herdieckerhoff. The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People



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