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The Big Five : Self-care tips for spiritual women

Are there guidelines when it comes to living a spiritual life as a woman? Not really. But these five tips are worth reading when it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced life as a sensitive, spiritual woman of the Aquarian Age.


You can't get away with a bad night's sleep. Getting enough sleep helps you to start the day with a fresh mind and rested body. Some of you might find a nap during the afternoon helpful. You also feel better in the morning and be more productive during the day. Your body will thank you later for that.

2. Meditation

There are different forms of meditation. Usually, we associate meditation with sitting on a cushion with a straight back and be silent for twenty minutes. It doesn't have to be that way. Walking, dancing, painting, writing, listening to music or even observing your surroundings are practices that induce the same effects like silent meditation. Sometimes we need a change and if sitting on a cushion isn't your cup of tea, why not try out dancing? Getting into that state of flow which helps to release tensions and be present right here and now are great ways to silence our monkey brain.

3. Nourish your body

You body is your temple. So treat it like a holy place which means eating the right foods so you're able to carry out your activities during the day. See food as a gift that your body deserves to have. You're not feeding your body, you're nourishing it with the the necessary ingredients.

4. Exercise

It's time to get your blood pumping in your veins and there's no better way than moving your body. A wide range of activities exist and it's important to find something you really enjoy. Yoga, dancing, running, weight lifting, swimming, playing football and numerous other activities exist out there. How about asking a friend to play badminton with you or try out that Pilates class from your own laptop. Because we spend so much time in front of our computers it is therefore so vital to get some fresh air and even enjoy nature at our doorsteps more.

5. Express yourself

Find ways where you can release your garbage in a safe and healthy way. Journaling is the most common medium for that because when you write, you slay your inner critic telling him to shut up and let your demons out on a piece of paper. By writing all the things down, you clear the chatter in your head and you will feel so much lighter. Some scream in their pillows, others want to hug a tree and your neighbour is just about to shake off all this pent-up energy by listening to the hip hop beats in his kitchen.

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