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Healing occurs in most unexpected ways. Most importantly, it happens through time and when you finally let go. Memories of your trauma still remain, but the pain will pass one day. You will learn to live and you will learn to accept. Things that happened to you in the past will still hurt, but they are not going to break you anymore.

Every person was born with some kind of trauma and will inherit something from their ancestors. Some people are luckier than others and will have maybe a more easier life. I believe that sometimes we do not always choose our own trauma or traumatic experiences. We have to experience them, neverless. Some experiences I've had might have destroyed another individual because they wouldn't have handled it and I believe that's the gift of being a Scorpio Rising. You want to test me universe, bring it on! That's probably my way of dealing with difficult experiences. Being a Scorpio Rising means that you will be succumbed to challenges in life that are painful and you ask yourself : Why do you have to experience it? It is considered in Western Astrology as the most difficult, yet the most powerful rising signs in the whole zodiac. Taking into account that other placements in the chart can indicate which type of experiences you have to endure in life.

Because of the experiences I've had, I have an immense strong faith in life and I know that everything is going to be fine in the end. My greatest strength is probably human psychology. I just don't understand people, I get them and they don't have to tell me their whole life story. I can sense that their relationship with their mother needs some healing just by the way they describe them or I sense that someone is not telling the whole truth because they are not ready to confess. When I enter a room, I can have an idea which people had an argument and that's the reason why they look a bit grumpy

The numinous, things that can't be expressed have always fascinated me. That goes the same for healing, healing occurs it can't be planned or foreseen, it happens through experience. Suddenly you can see....

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