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It's time to do some summoning... Awaken your inner priestess

Three goddesses you should invoke if you're keen on activating the priestess archetype within you.

Isis Known as the mother of all Goddesses, she is the Lady of Thousand Names. Perhaps she is not only the most powerful goddess of Ancient Egypt, but probably the most powerful goddess that ever existed. Magic, childbirth, healing, death and rebirth are things we associate with this amazing beautiful goddess. If you have to get some healing done, Isis is the perfect goddess. She will assist with your own healing and work on your traumas so that you can become that priestess you want to embody in this lifetime.

Dana Dana is one of the most ancient Celtic goddesses. Her origins extends to the pre-Gaelic times of Ireland when the Tuatha Dé Dananns followed her as their Creator Mother Goddess. Divine Magic, manifestation and alchemy are her strengths. She is also great at helping people accessing the world of leprechauns. If you want to strengthen your magical powers and your intuitive gifts, ask Dana for support.

Vesta She is the goddess of home, hearth and domestic life in Roman religion. Vestals, priestesses who worshipped this goddess had to remain chaste and devote their life to this woman. Vesta reminds us to create a sanctuary, a place where we can retreat if life gets overwhelming. She asks us to value our own sacred space and time. Often what happens when we allow to look after our own spirituality, we become stronger and clearer. That's why having an altar is so precious and Vesta is a great inspiration for preparing your own at home.

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