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Five friends, five types of women: Your perfect soul tribe

Finding your soul tribe becomes more and more important when you experienced your spiritual awakening. You will notice that people who used to be your friends or determined your life theist couple of years will change for the good and bad. It is also more likely that you want to connect with women who share the same interests like you and who understand your spiritual journey as a human being. Imagine you're looking for that perfect circle of women who are going to teach you about life and share their passions with you. These are the five type of friends you should be looking out for when it comes to finding your soul tribe.

The tarot reader: She masters the art of tarot and will always give you a reading for free. That woman will be the healthier option as opposed to the psychic at the spiritual festival. Mainly, because she is your friend and knows you very well. She will know your strengths and weaknesses and intuitively knows what you're looking for in life. Her readings come from a place of love and compassion than from a place of fear and limitations. She will guide you through life with her knowledge on tarot and shows your possibilities for a happy future

The astrologist: The astrologist serves as your GPS towards your relationships with people. She is able to interpret your birth chart and will help you to understand your relationships with family, friends and romantic endeavours. Usually, this friend is interested in psychology as well. She will support your growth and guide you to embody your higher self and becoming that person you're meant to be according to your rising sign.

Positive: That woman is working with higher energies. She seems to vibrate all the time and walk her talk. She is a beacon of love and her radiating energy is contagious. Nobody can ignore that attractive super woman. When you're searching for inspiration and positivity, she's the one you've been looking for so many ages. She will give you the pep talk you need, flourish your goodness and encourage you in everything you do.

The goddess: Sexy and sensual are her defining traits. The goddess brings you back to planet earth and reminds you of your own pleasure and power. She is the kind of woman, who uses yoni eggs, is an expert in tantra and the queen of self-care and self-love. It is not unusual to call her when she is having a nice bath. Everybody is envious of her beauty and sensuality, which makes her very desirable for men. She is an expert when it comes to attracting the right people and your soulmate in life.

The priestess: She is calm, contemplative and full of insights. Her rituals mean a lot to her. Everything she does has to be meaningful. Her actions serve for a higher purpose. She loves meditating and she doesn't shy away from dancing, while listening to music as she always seems to be in a trance. Even when you don't talk to her, she seems to connect with other realms. A visionary, who is constantly channeling messages from other worlds. If you need guidance and support, the priestess is the right person.

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