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Do it with pleasure, baby! The thirteen ultimate ways to connect with the goddesses

Dear ladies,

this article is especially for you. I thought that these tips might spark your interest to get in touch with your inner goddess more and maybe go on a self-discovery. My journey with the goddesses started when I was twenty-four. The Goddess Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue is still recovering from its escapades as it is the deck I often take with me when I travel and spend time abroad. May the activities you find here bring more joy and inspiration in life.

1. Get your creative juices flowing....

The feminine energy is all about creation. The more you create, the more you will connect with the magic of the universe, which will provide and reward you with a life full of abundance, beautiful experiences and meaningful encounters with people. You don't have to necessarily take up an artistic hobby such as painting to enhance your creative powers. Cooking your own meal, decorating your home or collaborating with your colleagues are great ways to train your creativity. The frequency of these activities are essential as well.

2. Join the cruise...

As a girl, I could relate to the goddess of Athena a lot. I was studious, ambitious, hard-working. In my free time, I devoured books and magazines. I loved reading and couldn't wait going to the Athenee, (any similarities?) the name of my old high school. The great thing about goddesses is that there are so many out there and from various cultures. If you consult the internet, you will find lots of cool things about them. But I recommend buying a book or an encyclopaedia on goddesses. Jean Shinoda Bolen's works on goddess archetypes is a great resource to start with.

3. Do it with pleasure, baby!

As a woman it is so important to beautify your life with activities and rituals you enjoy. Doing something with pleasure means awakening your five senses and engaging with them. Taking time to savour what you do is the key thing here. Eating is the most common one because it allows you to use all five of them at the same time. I recommend something that enables you to have a sensory experience. My favourites are listening to music, applying coconut oil after my shower, taking a nice bath with candlelight and essential oils, preparing my favourite tea and drinking it slowly.

4. Practice divination

See divination as a form of art and the good thing about it is that various forms of it exist. You might be reluctant of the idea because it reminds you of fortunetelling, but what most people forget is that whatever a psychic tells you about the future it's up to you in the end to decide how you're going to live your life. I use oracle cards to learn more about myself and when I face difficulties with making decisions, I often draw an oracle card from my favourite deck. If you consider unlocking your psychic gifts, getting acquainted with a divination tool such as tarot, runes, tasseomancy, or dowsing can be very helpful for your personal development.

5. Intuition

In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés exposes her readers to the story of Vasalisa a tale about intuition.The doll she receives from the witch Baba Yaga in the story symbolises intuition which will help her to navigate through the forest and find her mother. Using your intuition to make decisions or finding the right ingredient for your soup or escaping from a cul-de-sac means listening to your inner voice. Trusting and believing in yourself.

6. Go loco, with dancing!

A year ago, I read a book about a woman's journey as a priestess and in the opening chapter she was a quoting an excerpt from a religious text that dancing is a way to connect with the divine. Whenever a person dances, she connects with the divine. There is something healing about dancing. Dancing is a liberating act because it releases emotions, traumas, thoughts and it is a a form of meditation. It is therefore not a coincidence that women feel more drawn towards dancing than sitting on a cushion, while meditating in silence.

7. Express yourself, say and mean it!

Say what you want. Allow yourself to be angry. Life is too short to leave things unsaid. We're all humans after all. A society which expects that every individual should swallow and just bite their lips, nodding in disapproval just produces more resentment. Resentment just turns us into miserable, unhappy, angry people. The figure of an obedient woman who says yes and amen to everything might make her everybody's darling, but it doesn't make her necessarily happy. So stand up for yourself even if that means you're going to be the only one in the room. Be brave, be daring!

8. Raise your vibes!

As a spiritual person, you're more likely to sense energies in a very subtle manner. It is so important to protect your own energy and be conscious of the energy of others. What often happens with clairsentient women is that they get drained very quickly may it be in their work environments, talking to people or attending an event. How can you raise your vibrations. It sounds very simple and I'm aware that it isn't always very easy. Draw boundaries. Deicde what is going to affect you or not. Stay positive. Believe in the good, train your mind by being grateful for each day you wake up and be open to the miracles you attract each day and each moment. It takes time, self-discipline and patience to create that positive attitude about life, people and challenges, but it's worth it. After a while you will notice slight differences . The more you believe in the good and kind actions you do, the more you're likely to become a high vibrational person. And that my dear, makes you irresistible!

9. Stay curious

it's never too late to learn something new. Be open to explore your interests and passions. Sometimes reading a good book on a topic you find fascinating can broaden your mind. It will keep you inspired and motivated. You will find a library full of podcasts, ebooks, articles, online classes, videos to study a subject you find fascinating! Travelling to a place which you find beautiful and amazing, immersing yourself into a foreign culture or listening to exotic or oriental sounds will keep you youthful and excited for more adventures in your life. It also breaks the daily routine because you have something you can look forward to after work.

10. Create an altar

By creating a space for yourself, you're strengthening the ties with your spirit guides. You are connecting with your intentions more and placing meaningful, sacred objects like pictures, statues, gifts from your loved ones, which will turn this altar into a sanctuary. Whenever you feel down or need some boost, go to your altar, light some candles, incense, pray or meditate. See it as a holy refuge where you can retreat everytime you need time for yourself.

11. Be the goddess

Dear ladies, your beauty is a gift. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and yourself. Feel the essence of your personality, enhance it through styling. Let that bodacious, self-confident You shine by coming out of your closet. Aphrodite and Lakshmi, are great goddesses to invoke if you're feeling insecure about your appearance and beauty. Imagine how you want to feel and be seen by other people. Embodiment rituals, affirmations and visualisation techniques are great tools for your inner and outer transformation. Have fun and go play with them.

12. Ask Señora Luna for help

Tracking your menstrual cycle and working with the moon has become a trend, but it shouldn't shy you away from incorporating them in your daily reflective journaling practice. The side-effect of dealing with the phases of moon is that you will learn more about astrology as you will deal with the cycles of the planets and which star sign they are entering. Miranda Gray's Red Moon and The Optimised Woman are books which are worth reading for women who want to know more about the nature and magic behind their monthly cycles. Yasmin Boland is an expert when it comes to combining astrology and setting intentions with the moon. Moonology is a great book for that.

13. Look after your inner queen: honour yourself!

A real goddess knows what she needs in life and she doesn't need to ask for permission for self-care or a short break. It is so vital to know you boundaries and limits. You don't have to exhaust yourself or wait until the next weekend so you can take a break from work or other duties. It is even healthier to take breaks on a regular basis. If getting a monthly pedicure makes you feel good, then go for it. Maybe you want to take an afternoon off to indulge yourself in some luxuries. If you don't feel having that red wine with your friends, say no.

Being a goddess means to be in alignment with your values, needs and goals in life.


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