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Astrology for Beginners: The ultimate guide to navigate the world of the zodiac

This guide is for all the newbies among you when it comes to astrology. It doesn't matter whether you just start to take astrology seriously or want to know more about yourself and the people around you. We compiled a list of things you can do how to expand your knowledge in that area.

It takes time and patience to understand the world of astrology. Every astrologer will tell you that you need an open heart and a curious mind when you embark on that special journey. The beautiful thing about astrology is that you will never stop learning about yourself and about others during that whole process.

  1. Find out your star sign. Get to know your own star sign and those who are close to you. Read as a much as possible about your star sign. If you don't know the star sign of your loved ones, just ask. Their birthday is sufficient to find out their star sign.

  2. Build your resources.Use the internet and purchase some good astrology books. This is a huge investment, trust us. It is also more lilekly to happen that over time you will build your own 'astrology library' which can be very handy in the end if you consider a career in astrology one day.

  3. Read energies. Observe people and how they behave in your surrounding. How do Leos look like? Are Scorpios really that intense? Why is my Cancer mother so withdrawn? Ask questions and you will get interesting hints and answers.

  4. Get to know your birth chart. If you're new to astrology, I advise not to get your birth chart read immediately, but take your time to read more on astrology and how it works. Use that time to get to know yourself better, to meditate on certain aspects and also learn to discern. Maybe ask a friend to help you with your birth chart then going straight to a professional astrologer instead. It can be very overwhelming and a birth chart reading might not be a very sensible option, if you're new to astrology as some astrologers can be very blunt and just tell you what they see.

  5. Join an astrology group in your local area or online. The amazing thing about astrology is that it connects people because it is so diverse and there are so many different ways how to interpret it. You might find someone who shares the same sun sign or rising sun, which opens a room for discussion.

  6. Build your esoteric knowledge and educate yourself. Astrology is in fact a very interdisciplinary field and connects subjects like history of art, psychology, maths, astronomy, literature, mythology, history, anthropology with other fields. When you engage yourself with other areas, you are able to connect and see the wider picture.

  7. Have fun and don't rush. Take time to digest the information and build your knowledge up slowly and steadily. ;-)

With love and support,


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