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About Me

Dear readers,

it took me nearly four years to introduce myself on this platform, which I started in December 2020.

In a different post, you will find a video and a message where I introduced the Goddess Channel in 2021. So for those who have been reading my articles for a while and are very curious who I am and what I do in my spare-time. Et voilà, that's me:

My name is Natascha and I was born in Luxembourg to a Luxembourgish father and Filipino mother. I have one sister and grew up in the capital of Luxembourg (Yes, same name!;-))

I was a very creative child and loved kindergarten tremendously. My interest for astrology started at the age of five through my favourite TV show, which was sailor moon. For many years, I 've just known my sun sign and had a limited knowledge to birth signs characteristics and relationship comptability. When I reached my teens, I would delibaretely stay away from signs which were not compatible with me until I had to learn that the whole chart has to be taken into account. However, I would say that harmony is guaranteed between certain signs than others.

I was an avid reader, an introvert and used to fence as well. But my natural abilties were always found in the arts, so I dabbled in theatre, singing, dancing in and out of school. But my favourite days were spent in writing and listening to music. I kept for each school year one or even several diaries.

When I left highschool, I gained some experience in journalism, especially at simulated conferences such as MUNS, my local newspaper and eventually writing for student magazines and newspapers at university. I decided to move to Scotland for my studies and never regretted it since then. The University of Aberdeen had such a lovely community and unlike bigger cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, the students had to make a bigger effort to be creative in terms of activities and events. My degree in English with Creative Writing allowed me to study English Literature in combination with Creative Writing, which I absolutely adored as it was a nurturing environment providing feedback so you could improve as a writer.

After working as a cover teacher at an international school, I lived for a couple of months in Germany and decided to return to Scotland so I could heal through nature while living around the countryside. At the moment, I'm living in Glasgow and enjoying city life to the fullest. However, I miss the long walks in forests and around the Blair a lot. The quietness and less hectic lifestyle is something I really should have appreciated more. You will often find me at spiritual markets or events as Glasgow has plenty of them.

At the moment, I'm training with the Faculty of Astrological Studies to become a qualified astrologer and learn from the best teachers. As a complement to my studies in astrology, I am fluent in five languages and trained in counselling skills, have experience working with children from diverse backgrounds and have a strong foundation in Comparative Literature.

As someone who understands energy and experiences life through symbols, patterns and energies on many levels either through texts or encounters with people , I have always been very open to decipher the 'untangible' or what cannot be explained.

Alongside, astrology, I am interested in the healing arts or sacred arts. I love dancing, reading more books on esoteric subjects, asks my oracle and tarot cards for guidance, but most of all I try to live with the cycles of the Moon and have rituals around the Full and New Moon. You will find me regularly on the yoga mat, running at the gym on the treadmill or running crazy around the shops to find the perfect gift for a loved one. I find palmistry fascinating and dancing means to me connecting to the Babalayan energy of my mother's ancestors in the Philippines, whereas visiting a church means communing with the divine from my homecountry's and paternal side's traditions.

In this modern world, you are more likely to find the shaman within people who don't pretend to be shamans because they have the innate ability to heal people. They are the doctors, the shopkeepers, the art therapists, of this society. Open your eyes and see through them...

With love,

Natascha Ewert

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